In Focus Lane Cove Lane Cove Council Community Newsletter October 2018 1 Mindarie Park will provide the Lane Cove North community with 6,300m2 of open space. The first stage of the park is an inclusive playspace made possible following $1 million in funding from the NSW Government’s Everyone Can Play Program. The program assists councils to create inclusive playspaces where people of all ages and abilities can come together and connect. The new playspace includes play equipment, seating, landscaping and fencing and is due for completion in early 2019. For details of the rest of the park and current timings, visit Bringing this park to life has been more than five years in the making with Council beginning the process of acquiring six properties in Pinaroo Place in 2013. In August 2017 Council’s perseverance ultimately paid off with confirmation that the land would be made available as part of a series of land swaps between Council and the NSW Government. Residents of Lane Cove North are not the only ones to benefit from Council’s commitment to provide open space infrastructure for our growing population. Over 18,000 square metres of open space has been acquired by Council since 2010 with the next key project being the park created through the completed Rosenthal Project. For the latest details visit Everyone Can Play: Mindarie Park New Multi-Use Court A brand new, full-sized basketball and netball court is now ready for use at Kingsford Smith Oval in Longueville. The all-weather surface is line-marked for both netball and basketball. No bookings are required to use this court. In Lane Cove your food waste is extracted from your red bin as part of a purpose-built process to reduce waste to landfill. Since July 2017, the contents of Lane Cove’s red-lidded waste bins have been sent to a purpose-built Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility that transforms the waste from red-lidded bins into useful compost for environmental rehabilitation. This waste processing technology requires a certain percentage of waste in the red bin to be organic to assist with composting. This means that your food isn't going to waste, it is being used to help us divert an average of 64% of waste from landfill each month. Food waste should not be put into green- lidded vegetation bins. The green bin is for garden prunings and grass clippings. This material is processed at a facility in Ryde where it is made into garden ready compost/mulch. It is essential that this is free of food waste to be successful. For more information on your waste service, visit Putting your Food Waste to Work