b"Lane CoveIn FocusLane Cove Council Community Newsletter April 2019Sydneys first inclusive play spaceUpdate on the Poolopens in Lane Cove North Council started demolition of the 50m outdoor pool last month while also Council recently opened the firstreceiving approval of the first Development stage of Mindarie Park whichApplication for a replacement pool. features an inclusive play spaceDemolition is expected to be completed as part of the NSW Governmentsin early May by which time the concourse Everyone Can Play program.and grandstand development applications Located on the corner of Mindarieshould be determined.Street and Kullah Parade the fullyDuring the construction process the accessible, fenced play spacetemporary parking via Phoenix Street will includes a range of swings,not be available. Lane Coves Synergy natural-looking play materialsYouth Centre has also temporarily relocated and equipment that is suitable forfrom underneath the pool grandstand topeople of all abilities to enjoy. 47 Burns Bay Road (opposite Coles). Also on-site are new BBQ facilities, toilets and SeniorsCouncil is currently out to market for the fitness equipment. construction of the pool and following The project was made possible following $1million in funding from the NSW Department ofthis will have a clearer construction and Planning and a further $800,000 Council contribution. The next stage involves installationre-opening timeframe for the community. of a multi-court, additional play area and a large grassed area suitable for informal gamesThe indoor pools at the Aquatic Centre still and relaxation. The works will be completed in 2020 resulting in 6,300m 2of open space forremain open with construction only taking residents living in the Lane Cove North area. place outside. For the latest information please visit www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au/For the latest details visit www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au/mindariepark poolandgrandstandBirdwood Lane Temporary Car Park Lighting UpgradeStructural works on the Rosenthal Projectbecomes available to the public, conveniently have advanced and the project continueslocated close to the Plaza and providing1,162 street lights across the Lane Cove to track on-time for a mid-2020 opening.access to local shops along Birdwoodarea will be upgraded to new LED lamps This month a 40+ space temporary car parkand Rosenthal Laneways and surroundingas Council partners with Ausgrid to arcades. rollout more energy efficient streetlights. Epping Road It can currently take up to 95 watts to The temporary car park will provide 2 hourspower older streetlights, with LED lamps free parking, 8:00am6:00pm. You mustusing just 17 watts. In addition to being Birdwood Ave Longueville Roadenter your licence plate number into themore cost-effective and requiring less ticket machine to retrieve your free ticket tomaintenance, LED lights are expected to Rosenthal Rosenthal Avedisplay on your dashboard. last up to 20 years. ProjectONEWAY In late 2019 the Birdwood Lane temporary The roll-out is funded by Council's Birdwood LaneFinlayson Street car park will be relocated and access will ad Sustainability Levy and is being conducted Coxs Laneo be provided to around 100 spaces in theby Ausgrid. It is expected to get underway R CAR PARK e basement levels of the permanent car park TEMPORARYENTRY/EXITill in the coming months, starting with minor vCAR PARK e with entry via Rosenthal Avenue.u residential roads then major roads in the gPottery Lane Little StreetRosenthal Laneno Almost 70% of the concrete structure is nownext phase of the program. LBurns Bay Road The Plaza complete on-site. For the latest details onMore on page 2.construction, visit www.rosenthalproject.com.auTambourine Bay Road1LIBRARY WALK Street LIBRARYeraLongueville RoadSreett SSera StreetnitsuA"